No Wedding, No Womb!

New Music: Arrested Development Drops New Album–FREE DOWNLOAD!

I know you remember Arrested Development, the grammy winning group back in the 90’s. And then you heard that they gave their support for the No Wedding No Womb movement (and yes, haters, it is a movement!)  by producing a kick-arse song, “I’ma Fight Back Right Now.” (Special thanks also to Lamar Tyler of BlackandMarriedwithKids, who shot and produced the video)

Ya’ll they made the song JUST FOR US. It still brings tears to my eyes at the hugeness of SPEECH’s heart, and JJ Boogie, who learned of #NWNW on Twitter when I was getting hammered. Those guys were my knights in shining armor, and I will never, ever forget.

Plus, they’re music is STRAIGHT DOPE! Not a hard sell, AT ALL. Check this on out…


As usual, Arrested Development is kicking out wise words the you can let your kids listen to in the car. This is what rap used to be–let’s support this positive image and message. AD never left–they were PUSHED OUT by “prison/c/rap industrial complex,” that works as a feeder for the dysfunctional elements of the black community.

Everybody do their part. Post it on your facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email to your friends, and demand less Nicki Minaj and coonery co. and more Arrested Development.

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