No Wedding, No Womb!

New Show on TV One Makes the Black OOW Rate a Mockery; No One to Blame But Us.

My longtime buddy Lorraine sent me this clip, and you have to see it to believe it.

So here we have TV One, a network owned and operated with black folks in power making a complete mockery of black women and the 73% out-of-wedlock rate, and makes black men look like shiftless pedophiles who lack responsibility or self control. What you see here folks, is a bunch of breeding, thoughtless, rutting with good lighting and a make up artist.

But you know and I know that the reality of all this is ugly. So very, very ugly.

So if we are the ones celebrating and perpetuating our own stereotypes for coins, then we have absolutely no ground to stand on when we complain that it’s the “white controlled media” who are leading the charge of the destruction of our image in mediums that are distributed not statewide, but WORLDWIDE. Hell, Martians are watching this shit and shacking their heads.

I am no longer surprised at what reality television and wrought, nor do I have any sympathy for people who line up to for paid positions and clowns.

What is enraging, however, is the seeming passivity of black women continue to ALLOW these images and stereotypes to perpetuate on their watch, especially with a growing number of us are in positions to impact and influence. For example, with there was talk about a show featuring black sororities, those members banded together to make sure it didn’t see the light of day. So don’t tell me that it can’t be done.

Are you really okay with media, and BLACK media continuing to drag you?


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