Black Women's Improvement Project (BWIP)

New Video Series: Maximize Your Dating Options in College!

I am stoked about this new series, and wish to kingdom come I had had a big sister to guide me through how to maximize my options when I was enmeshed in a virtual smorgasbord of men-en-en-esz in college.

Last summer I went on location to UC Riverside (dubbed as one of the the most diverse universities in the UC system and was featured on Undercover Boss) and asked young black women what–if anything–did their parents do or say to prepare them for interpersonal relationships in college. What I heard the African American girls say versus what I heard Caucasian and Middle-Eastern women say was surprising. As I suspected, little black girls were told to keep their heads in the books and defer relationship prospects for after college, while the Middle-Easter girls were instructed differently. This is Part Numero Uno of a multi-part series, which will conclude in a step-by-step instruction on how to travel abroad while in college by a UC administrator.

As an aside, did you catch what the cute black girl with waist length hair said about her mother? Cheyeah.

I’m on a mission to ensure that every college-bound black girl knows what other races of women are ingrained with from birth. College is the perfect opportunity to find a like-minded individual who shares your values and goals. You meet REAL potential–not IMAGINED potential, or WISHFUL THINKING potential. Like, if you date an engineering major, chances are he’ll be an engineer. You date a pre-med dude, chances are he’ll have $100,000 of debt, but will be a doctor. Time to change the game, ladies.

But my question is, WHY in HADES are we teaching black girls not to fraternize while everyone else is getting coached?!

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