Newtons: The Fruit Cookie My Kids Eat Nuts and Berries For.

My kids love cookies. In fact, they just love anything sweet. And while I’ve sworn allegiance to the paleo gods and keep my intake of sugar between 15-20 grams per day, my kids are protesting and will have none of it. Before I found out about Newtons Cookies, the kids and I were at a stalemate. I wasn’t going to buy them store-made cookies or bake a stash of cookies using “sugar-like” ingredients every time they asked, and while they like nuts and berries, there would be only so much of that before The Babster led a revolt complete with sticks and stones.


So last Saturday I opened up one of the packages I was sent to review after I did my weekly jaunt to the farmer’s market for the nuts and berries and such, and allowed my kids to have the serving size of Newtons Fruit Thins (3), as long as they ate some nuts and berries and a carrot or two. The stalemate was lifted.


Lots of berries and carrots were eaten so they could get more Newtons Fruit Thins. And while I didn’t have a full serving myself, I did have a taste, you know, for research. By far my favorite was the Fruit Thins Coconut Drizzled with Dark Fudge…it was yummy, nice texture, could taste and feel the coconut and the fudge finished it off with a bang. Newtons Fruit Thins are waaay better for my kids than anything other brands may cook up in that tree full of cookie dough they show on television. Newtons Fruit Thins contain 8 grams of whole grains, with real fruit and dark fudge. Not bad. I kind of wish these were around in the 80’s when the only thing “Newtons” you could get had figs in it. And while I don’t hate figs, they are an acquired taste for your average chocolate-seeking five-year-old.


For the summer I plan to add these to the kid’s treat rotation and put them in the refrigerator because cookies drizzled with fudge are best served cold…with milk. But since I haven’t tried it yet I think I’ll have to have another taste just to make sure…you know…for research. 


Visit newtonscookies.com to take a look at all their new Fruit Flavors and also get access to great tips! And check out the Newtons brand page on BlogHer.com to read other bloggers’ posts.

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