My New Obsession…Expensive Lingerie


My latest lingerie acquisition…

Karla, Brenda, I blame you for this.

It started out innocently enough, just looking for a bra that fit without the underwires poking through the fabric to stab me in the ribs. And was it too much to ask to have panties that didn’t try digging gold up my arse??? Until recently I’d thought a bra was a bra, and a panty was a panty, that was until Brenda and Karla put the bug in my ear about what satin heaven was awaiting me if I explored the world of high-end skivvies.

So after my meeting with Urban Decay in swanky Newport Beach, California, I decided to kill some time at the South Coast Mall, otherwise known as Snob Central. So up the escalator in Bloomingdale’s I went to the lingerie section to be introduced to Agent Provocateur and Natori. Normally I can’t afford Agent Provacteur (you could easily spend $200 on one bra) but all stores have blow out sales at the cusp of the season change to make room for new inventory. Too bad I was late…there was only one bra in my size left in the tiny boutique inside the big department store. I put the item on hold to think REAL hard about spending $70, and to give myself a chance to peruse some of the other brands. That’s where I discovered Natori. All I can say is…WOW. The material felt so nice against my skin, the bands weren’t too tight and the lace made me feel so pretty and feminine. I figured while I was there I should pick up the matching panties and hope to the gods that they wouldn’t give me wedgies every time I got up out of a chair. They were so light and airy and the wedgie factor is next to nil.

I was like a whole world opened up to me. I became obsessed. I discovered, which is also having a huge sale, so I bought my first SILK Fleur of England bra, which I’m anxiously awaiting for delivery tomorrow.

Screen shot 2013-07-23 at 9.45.41 PMScreen shot 2013-07-23 at 9.46.00 PM

Earlier this week I got this little number, the Mimi Holliday Bisou Bisou Berry Padded Shoulder bra. It is hands down the best-made bra I have EVER worn and it’s so comfortable I could sleep in it.

Screen shot 2013-07-23 at 9.50.43 PMAfter I get all the bras I compulsively ordered over the last week, I’ll be throwing out all my other bras. No more cheap Marshall’s and Wal*Mart underwear for me, and now the only thing on me that hurts is my pocket book. Thankfully the sales will be over soon and I can go back to being all judgy about women who drop $1000 on two bras and a handful of panties. By the way, I’m not feeling too bad, apparently there are entire blogs dedicated to the love of fancy undergarments.

So fess up, ladies, what’s your favorite lingerie brand, and where can I get it? 😉

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