The Official Bill Cosby (Alleged) Rape/Rant Thread…


I have been struggling with the news about Bill Cosby allegedly slipping white women bennies and having nonconsensual sex with them, and I keep not wanted to believe it.

I grew up respecting this man, admiring his commitment to blacks getting educated and having intact families, and him speaking up unapologetically about it, and then…this.

Though it’s easy to dismiss over a dozen women who came forward as trying to bring down this man’s legacy, some part me thinks that with this many women coming forward, where there’s smoke, there’s often an inferno.

Part of what hurts me the most is that I have little respect for most black men who are public figures of his generation. I don’t like Al. Or Jesse. So Bill was the guy. And now it appears it was all a lie.

There are very few high-profile black men that I look up to, so this is especially painful for me.

What are you thoughts on this news?


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