What the Cuss?

Oh…More Weave Hypocrisy! Rachel Dolezal Has ‘Reverse’ Weave

Before I explain what I mean by ‘reverse’ weave, you must first look at this photo of former head of Spokane’s NAAP and black woman-imposter, Rachel Dolezal.


Boho Exotic Studio is using Rachel to tout their more, “ethnic looking” locks, and who better to show what some believe is a REAL black woman than a white woman with light eyes covered with bronzer? I mean…BEHOLD THE NUBIAN GODDESS! BEHOLD THE MOTHER OF US ALL!!!

So this the reason I’m calling this a reverse weave is because Rachel already has pin straight hair–you know–the kind that desperate black women in the inner city are breaking into beauty supply stores to steal. And while she claims to be broke, Boho Exotic Studio is willing to throw her some black-girl weave so we can all see who wears it better, huh?

My, my, my. Interesting to see all the rewards that this woman can get for pretending to be black, and greedily welcomed by color-struck idiots who wish to the Egyptian sun god that she had at least .00000001 black in her, so they could claim her as the ideal that all of us should struggle to attain.

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