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Oh My Gawd. I Can’t Believe I Just Read What Someone Wrote About ‘Olivia Pope.’

I’m not even going to say which so-called pro-black woman magazine rag this came from, but you can probably figure it out through process of elimination. (Thanks Kimberly for finding this steaming turd of a story for me).

The author, in full on mammy mode, equates ‘Olivia Pope,’ the character played by Kerry Washington on the hit show, Scandal (which is on tonight so you’d better watch it!) to Sally Hemmings. You remember Sally, right? She’s the slave that shacked up with Thomas Jefferson and had a bunch of his illegitimate babies. Okay, so here we go with the slave master illustrations and tongue clicking from the GAT-DL who like I mention over and over are THE MOST INVESTED in black women not swirling, is again reaching into the same old tired playbook.

It was especially difficult for me to turn off my Mammy-Jezebel-Sapphire-detector during last night’s episode, as Olivia’s and Fitz’s back story developed. This intense need the story-line has to convince us that these two are star-crossed and that their coupling is Something Real reminds me of master-slave-relationship apologists who either believe that the slave is in a position to“seduce” the master or that their relationship can be rooted in healthy love.

Chile, STFU!!!!!

Geez. Between this piece and that other writer who proudly proclaimed that she would rather give a cat a blow job and date a white man, I’m beginning to wonder just how many “pro-black” news organizations are really just “pro-black man.” By the by, this is the same place that openly stated that they wanted no pitches from writers who wanted cover articles on interracial relationships. Well, that’s not entirely true.  They can, as long as it’s written as a public denouncement, so horrible betrayal to all the Sally Hemmings’ of old. Then, you can write all about how much you loathe interracial relationships. They’ll buy that story in minute.

Of course, no one is condoning Oliva having an affair with a married man, but I think the writers do an excellent job on providing back story and nuance. I mean, this writer is being completely hysterical in her white-devil suspicions, and why is this so fricking obvious to me that it’s a ploy to keep black women from pursuing relationships outside their race?

I swear, I’m so sick of the NBAB women shouting from the rooftops with the blessing of a widely-read medium so it makes it look like huge swaths of us think like their imbecilic scribes. They’ve done enough damage, and I’m convinced they have they share of blame for the perpetual singleness of black women.  But the fact that so many black women willingly shoot themselves in the foot is makes my jaw drop so far a chicken could lay an egg in it. Never mind that Scandal is the FIRST hit series with a beautiful black woman as THE LEAD.

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