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Shannon’s Story: Online Success on Afroromance!

Welp, here’s another reason to keep hope alive online. Shannon Page Overlord found her Nordic love online, and look! They’re all married and stuff.

From the Missus Overlord:

How we met….Afroromance!…he found me all the way from Norway…at first I was like ..”hmm hes way too far…but he sure is cute”…anyhoo something inside me was nagging me to give him a chance, so I responded to his flirt and he wrote me back immediately requesting my number. I gave it to him, he called within the hour…we chatted, and he sounded nice on the phone, so he asked me if I wanted to skype…I stalled for 30 mins so I could get made up…hehe…we skyped all night /morning long. That was our mode of communication day & night…he wanted to come and visit in like 2 weeks..but I thought we should wait and get to know one another and we can meet in NYC, since I was going there for my birthday (which was a month away)…we were counting the days…when the day came, I was very nervous…even though we skyped all the time…fast forward hotel…i was on the mezzanine…he walked in the hotel..i was like WOW he looks even better in person!..I called for him from the balcony (like Juliet) he looked up…smiled and ran up the stairs and we kissed , hugged…I thought he smelled soo good…anyhoo…we had a fab time in NYC and parting was very hard…he ended up traveling back and forth 6 times across the Atlantic for me..for us…he proposed somewhere in between…
we live in Philadelphia and we are just married folks in love…we live, love, travel, cook together…sorry soo long.

The strangest thing about our relationship…is that we were BOTH on the same page…in regards to getting married…I never thought Id marry again (really didn’t want to) but I knew within one week I would marry this man…and he felt the same.

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