An open letter to Ise Lyfe

An open letter to Ise Lyfe (in reference to this article)


According to your statements, Black Women and Girls are the primary reason male black children are in trouble, no education, swearing, intimidating and bullying others, among other disreputable  practices.  Let me tell you, as a white man who has been married to a black woman, you’re wrong.  COMPLETELY WRONG.  The fault lies with the latest generation of black men who refused to get an education, to earn a sustainable living, to be  father to the offspring they fathered, refused to accept responsibility for these said children, demanded the mother(s) raise, clothe, feed, and house along with trying to hold one  full time job if not more. To provide guidance, home training, and instill common sense into them.  These men, that fathered these children, see you and others like you ripping the dignity away from black women and girls, because they become overwhelmed with the responsibility. Whether you realize it or not, it’s not easy raising children in a fatherless home.  These children need guidance, be taught respect for their peers, adults, and themselves.  This takes a man to do this, but all the young boys (yes, and girls too) see is the Dad’s (and I use the term loosely) hanging on the corner, drinking, getting high or worse, going to jail, not have a job, a car, a home or apartment of their own, pay their child support, and this is what is imprinted into their memories.  Because the fathers are male, this is what the children think they are supposed to do also.  Do you think adult black men set a good example for these kids?  If you do, then you deserve to be grouped in there along with these DBR black men.  What gives you the right to write an article slamming black women for these kids  and the way they have grown up?  What gives you the right to accuse these women of being not good enough?  Why do you insist these women are the cause for these kids and the way they act, when we all know it’s the black men that fail to do their job, abuse the mothers of their children, abuse the children, abuse the system that provides for these same children that the black man does not!  The black women is always left to clean up after the mess left by the kids that don’t know any better, acting like the so called men in their lives.  My wife, a black women, had four children, before she was twenty two.  She was abandoned by her husband at 24, and left to raise these kids by herself.  The theree boys had 43 children among the three of them, with at least 30 different women.  Now, all they say is they can’t work, because all the money will go for support of the kids, and no employer will hire a felon anyway so why work at all!  These are the kind of men who should be coddled, and supported by black women?  These are the role models you want for these kids?  Sir, I see this, and I read your article and can come to only one conclusion.  You, and other black men, and some black women are the contributing factor to the problems the problems facing the black culture today.  You, the GAT/DL, with the bad boy image, are trying to destroy the black community, by destroying the free will of the black woman, and children.  You, are the responsible parties for the high drop out rate of black children in schools.  You are the dark side of the force at work here.

I know this is going to upset some people, and I apologize if it does.  But articles written by authors like yourself are destroying Black culture and the Black Community  from within.  You need to stop, and reevaluate what you think, the way you feel, quit destroying the women of the black community, and start acting like you give a damn about your race.  The way it looks right now,  you don’t care about the black race at all, the only thing that matters to you is how ratchet you can act, how many notches you can carve into the bed post, and where you can get  a few dollars.   I’m putting the soapbox away for now.

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