No Wedding, No Womb!

An Open Letter to Kim Kardashian Regarding Her Preggo News

Hey Kimmie,

I heard you were knocked up a couple days ago when your boo of only eight months, Kanye West, announced that his 5,000+ audience pay homage to his “baby mama.” I’m assuming he gave that title to you, as you are the carrier of the Kanye spawn.

Before I go on, I want you to know that I have nothing against you personally–I think you are quite beautiful and financially savvy (plus I spend hours in the mirror trying to get your smokey-eye look). But I want you to know that your newly-crowned status of “baby mama” will most likely have a ripple effect in the black community like nothing you’ve ever imagined.

Did you know that 80% of black children are born to mothers that are unmarried to the fathers? Most them aren’t as wealthy as you and Kanye, and many of the children of such situations will suffer from poverty, drop out of high school, use drugs, get caught up in the penal system, and make babies with other folks when they are not financially and psychologically prepared to raise them. Like many of these women who also are not wives or life partners, but “baby mamas,” you are now the honorary ‘Queen of the Baby Mamas,’ and young black girls far and wide will look to you as the shining beacon of baby-mamadom.

It blows my mind that people with as many resources as you and Kanye have could have this pregnancy occur by accident–you know where babies come from, right? Plus, no shade, but I’ve heard you enjoy all the “practicing,” which leads me to believe you and Mr. West did this on purpose, and that is your right, because in this country anyone, no matter how inept, selfish, narcissistic, insane, ill-tempered and unprepared, there’s no law to preclude anyone from making babies. But you know what’s funny (not in the ha-ha way but in the sad, that’s-a-damn-shame way?) While REAL black women have children outside of marriage and are seen as used, damaged goods by the very same men who themselves have out-wedlock-children, nothing you will ever do will be wrong in that regard.

Kanye was raised by his dearly-departed mother and was reportedly abandoned by his father when he was just three years old–and it shows. While his mother made sacrifice after sacrifice, Kanye is flippant about black women, and wrote a song about gold-diggers–did you hear it? But of course, you’re not a gold digger, typically only dark-skinned black women are called that name. Nothing you will ever do will upset your trophy status, you are the source of millions of black boys’ wet dreams.  You in all your glory, have replaced the black women as the standard of beauty for the black man. And since you have mega-millions of your own money, I’m sure it will hurt less if or when Kanye moves on to someone with less stretch marks. I think my friend Kola Boof said it best:

A few years ago, Kanye West and Jamie Foxx had a huge hit with a song about Gold diggers. This caused, at last, a music video that focused on beautiful child-bearing age Black women—the Black Man’s mother. At the end of the song Kanye announced, “I’m going to leave you for a White Woman!” And all of Black America and the White Pop music world laughed, applauded, cheered and drove the song to #1 on the charts—despite the fact that almost none of today’s rich and famous Black men being exploited for their money are getting bilked by Black women.

Wait!! Will Kanye insist on a DNA test to ensure that he doesn’t provide 18 years of support to a child that’s not his, like he talks about in his video? No? He only meant that for the black ‘hood boogers?’ Oh, okay.

I’m not going to spend any sleepless nights worrying about your little bun, because with all the resources you have–a close knit family and buckets of money–I’m sure your child will be more than fine, especially if he/she takes after you in the looks department.

But just know that as the newly-crowned ‘Queen of the Baby Mamas,’ there will be young girls and women with markedly less resources and more melanin than you that will follow in your footsteps, because HEY! “If Kimmy K can do it, so can I!!”


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