What the Cuss?

Open Letter to Any Girlfriend or Wanna-be of the Cleveland, Texas Rapists

I’m just hoping, praying, that the entire town of Cleveland, Texas drank some radioactive sweet tea that has caused the synapses of their brains to short. Or that pod people from outer space are killing us from the inside out. Please let THAT be the reason this blood clot–one of those jackass boys who (ahem allegedly) raped that 11-year-old CHILD said that the judge, lawyers and police are “just trying to us look bad.” (See full story below)

Eeeeeeehhhhmmm. So let me get this straight Mr. Ellis. You rape an underage girl with more than a dozen other blood clots, and the media and courts are trying to make YOU look bad? What da cuss and a dash of what the hay-ell. What planet you on?

To the lurkers: If you stumbled on this page because you were doing a Google search about the upcoming trial, and one of these guys is your boyfriend or something, sit down somewhere because I got some thangs to tell you.

Those 14, 18, 20 boys or full-grown knuckle-draggers are an example of what guys NOT to date. Not to be mean or anything, but there’s over a 70% chance you don’t know any better, so let Momma school you. A man is more than a penis. You don’t HAVE to take shoe muck like these guys, you can do better. And finally, you’ll find more men who are worth a damn if you open up your dating pool to include other men than drop-out thugs, umkay? Not sure what a good guy looks like? Here’s a hint: gold teeth of any kind is a big clue that a guy is a loser. Also, neck tatoos. And face tattoos. And necklaces with charms bigger than my almost two-year-old’s head. And those are just a few off the top of my head. If you want more, shoot me an email at [email protected].

I’m convinced more and more that Khadija was dead right when she said in her book, The Sojourner’s Passport, that young girls should never get seriously involved and consider marriage with young men who have not been raised by their fathers. We need to tell our girls to screen their dating candidates like Duke University does: clean noses, good student, good parents, good family.

In fact, I’m going to see if I can get their secret recruiting checklist.

(Special thanks to BlackQueenBee for sending this story my way)

Speedy Trials Sought in Texas Rape Case
LIBERTY, Tex. — A state judge said Monday that he would push to hold trials in late July for 14 men accused of repeatedly raping an 11-year-old girl last fall in Cleveland, Tex.

Thirteen of the 19 men and boys arrested in the case appeared before Judge Mark Morefield in state court on Monday as part of a routine arraignment proceeding. Six of the men were arraigned for the first time on charges in connection with at least six rapes of the girl over a three-month period. All pleaded not guilty, and the judge set July 6 as the next court date.

Judge Morefield, a newly elected Republican, made it clear that he wanted speedy trials. “This case, like the other cases, is important,” he said as Timothy Ellis, 19, was arraigned on charges of continuous sexual abuse. “I want to start trying these cases in July, subject to the scientific evidence being available.”

The judge’s comment was the first mention that the government may have forensic evidence. In early December, Texas Rangers searched a house and an abandoned trailer where the victim was allegedly attacked by multiple men on Nov. 28, but law enforcement officials have yet to say whether any scientific evidence was discovered.

At the request of the district attorney, the judge has issued an order barring lawyers, family members and law enforcement officials from talking to reporters.

Fourteen men and five teenage boys, ages 14 to 27, have been arrested in the case. According to indictments, the girl was raped at least six times between Sept. 15 and December, and at least three of those attacks involved multiple people. Some of the participants recorded videos of the assaults on cellphones, and those pictures went viral in the local schools, prompting an investigation in early December.

Most of the defendants declined to talk to reporters outside the courthouse. Before his appearance in court, Mr. Ellis expressed dismay at the charge. “They are trying to make us look bad,” he said.

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