Open Thread: Brainstorm Session -The Forum


Now that the new forum is being constructed it is time to turn our attention to just what you want to have in it.

I have taken some of your ideas from the brainstorm thread that could be adapted as subject headings on the forum. Here is your chance to critique this list and add to it.

I am asking that everyone with an idea. Serious or silly. Women and men chime in. You all are building this so you all have a say.

  1. A section on BW/non-BM parenting biracial children

  2. A section on Beauty, fitness, health and wellness 

  3. A section on BW/non-black men relationship/marriage articles

  4. A section on BW/non-black men dating advice

  5. A section on femininity and deportment

  6. A section on news concerning black women, IRR couples

  7. A section on profiles of educated bw, professionals and small business owners

  8. Classified section

  9. A section on conversations about peer support for black women entrepreneurs.

  10. A section on Perspectives of Non-BM regarding their interest in BW

  11. A section BW Globe Trotting

  12. A section on the relationships and interactions between bw and wm throughout history 

  13. a section for non-black men in IRRs to offer advice,support and to sharer their experiences

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