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Open Thread: “How Do I Explain My Preference for Black Women without Sounding Like a Douche?”

man shrugging

Okay well he didn’t say that…exactly. Here’s what this 20-something white guy actually wrote…

Mrs. Karazin,

I’m not ashamed and I make it pretty well known amongst my friends that I have acquired an affinity for black women. As a result, I’ve had several people ask me (out of curiosity instead of disgust, I hope) why I “have a thing” for black women. Honestly, I think that’s similar to asking me why my favorite color is blue. I simply don’t know! I’ve been told that “guys are visual,” so I guess one plausible theory could be that I’m visually attracted to women of a darker complexion, just like I’m visually attracted to the color blue. Here’s my question though (and I truly apologize if this seems rather crass or inappropriate): How can I communicate this response without making it seem like black women are nothing more to me than a fetish and I’m just looking for “some of that ghetto booty?” I really don’t want to convey that sort of image of myself because I’m not that kind of guy at all. I don’t succumb to stereotypes such as that. For some reason, I just enjoy seeing darker skin tones, especially in contrast to my fair skin. That’s visually attractive to me. That’s one reason I really enjoyed holding hands with my black girlfriend a while back. Thanks for the help and I’m sorry again for giving such a blunt question!

I think it’s perfectly okay to find the contrast in skin tone sexy–I know like to see mine and hubby’s legs intertwined…oh; I’ve said too much.

Have at it ladies and gents!

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