Is Your Partner Addicted?

It’s 2015, and time to look introspectively.

Relationships are rarely easy; in fact, they’re usually pretty complex. Even when each member is ready, willing and emotionally able to put forth their best effort, issues pop up and things get complicated. And if you add mental illness, addiction, codependence and other psychological disorders to the mix, relationships become even more difficult. Thankfully, though, there are ways to work through these and other issues.

Take addiction, for example. Though it can spell disaster for even the strongest bonds, the proper treatment can offer the hope of a healthy future and a stronger relationship. Keep reading to find out more about the effects addiction, as well as information on seeking treatment and promoting a healthy, lasting relationship.


Addiction, Relationships and Codependence

Addiction can impact intimate relationships in a number of ways. Factors like trust issues, financial strain and resentment often result in a growing emotional distance and, eventually, the dissolution of relationships. What’s more, substance abuse and addiction often lead to codependence in relationships. Codependence is evidenced by an unhealthy, excessive reliance on a partner in the presence of addiction or other destructive behaviors, and may produce signs and symptoms like the following:

  • A relationships that seems to revolve around the physical and emotional needs of one partner (i.e., usually the partner who abuses drugs or alcohol).
  • Frequent arguments about drinking or drugs, or fighting while intoxicated. In extreme cases, these types of arguments may result in domestic violence and other forms of aggression, e.g., breaking things, shouting, emotional abuse, etc.
  • Having to make excuses to family members, colleagues, and friends for a partner who is intoxicated, hungover or otherwise affected by drugs or alcohol.
  • Drinking or using drugs as a means of reducing stress within the relationship, or using relationship problems as an excuse to abuse addictive substances.
  • When one or both members of a relationship need drugs or alcohol in order to have fun with their partner.
  • The withholding of affections or emotional support as a means of manipulating a partner or situation.
  • Isolation from friends and family members who don’t drink or use drugs.

Treating Addiction and Codependence

Although the effects of substance abuse and addiction can vary among individuals and relationships, any of the signs listed above can point to a problem. If you or your partner are suffering from the effects of addiction and codependence, seeking immediate treatment can promote better physical and psychological health, as well as a healthy, lasting relationship. First of all, it’s important to find a treatment facility that will address your unique relationship needs. Addiction specialists at PrescottHouse.net state the importance of treating all the contributing factors of substance abuse and addiction, as well as addressing effects like codependence, depression and more.

When it comes to treating addiction and codependence, the following methods are often beneficial:

  • One-on-one counseling. Although both partners are affected by substance abuse, addiction and codependency, seeking individual treatment can be extremely helpful in overcoming these issues. During one-on-one counseling sessions, patients can identify unhealthy thoughts and behaviors, and modify them in the interest of sobriety and healthy relationships with others.
  • Couples’ counseling. In addition to individual therapy, couples counseling can help partners work through their issues and lay the groundwork for a solid, healthy relationship. Plus, counseling provides a safe space for discussion and the objective view of a professional, which can significantly enhance the odds of a successful recovery and a renewed, lasting  relationship.

If your relationship is suffering because of addiction or codependence, seeking the proper treatment is essential to your individual well-being and the health of your relationship. Although recovery won’t be easy, the rewards are well worth the effort. Get help today, and start laying the groundwork for a brighter, healthier future.

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