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Photos of the Day: Twinsies!

Last September when me and The Hubster took a trip to his old stomping ground in Beverly Hills, I ran into a woman I couldn’t take my eyes off of. She had gorgeous natural hair and wore a fit-and-flare dress as colorful as a fruit salad. She also looked at me, and at the same time we said, “I love your hair!”


That pretty Carribean lady next to me is Kara “KJ” Miller and she serves on the Board of Directors for the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. It’s weird. You go to L.A. and you just never know who you’re going to meet.

So we get to talking and I see that her husband has matching curly locks and has an English accent. Like us, they’ve both been married 11 years. TWINSIES! And gasp! they both met at Oxford!


And like my husband, Kara’s better half is content to stay quiet while his wife is the life of the party. Peter, or in British, PEEE TAAAAHHHH, of course hit it off with Mike.


The Hubster and PEEE TAAAHH are also wearing plaid, so they’re twinsies too.

Cool thing about Kara, she lost a ton of weight and is successfully keeping it off. Check out her site here.

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