Pink Pill for College Girls: Job Loyalty is for the Birds

Written by Nicole J.

Imagine with me, if you will.

You are a new college grad, about to enter the world of adventure and wonder that is full-time employment. It’s official, you’re an adult! For the purpose of this scenario, let’s say you got an internship at Prestigious Big Corporation, and you were offered a position upon successful completion of your degree. You are in your very early twenties and are learning the ropes as this is your first “real job”.

Time marches on and you’ve been at Prestigious Big Corporation for a year now, and you do great work (there was never a doubt), your clients love you, and you’ve definitely earned your keep. After years of positive recommendations and glowing reviews, you are ready to climb up to the next rung of that corporate ladder. It’s time for that yearly performance review and despite all the great work you’ve been doing, you’ve been overlooked for that promotion. Maybe this year wasn’t your year so you hang on, hoping come next year you’re a shoe in.

The latest promotion cycle arrives once more and again, you don’t get that promotion. At this point in the scenario, let’s say this is year three at Prestigious Big Corporation. What should you do?

If you have prospects, an up-to-date résumé, and an urge to reach new heights, it might be time to move on because…

Job loyalty is for the birds.

Job loyalty is where employees hang around at the same job for years, or even decades, and it is something that was way more common even 10 or 20 years ago than it is today. Your grandparents might have been at the same job for 30+ years, but the times, they are a-changing, so here are a few things to think about what it comes to job loyalty.

  • The opportunity to learn will be greater in a new environment

Resist the urge to be complacent because you know how things go at your current employer. You’ll learn so much more by stepping out your comfort zone and getting a new frame of reference. Plus, your own personal network will grow and it’s always good to have friends in not just high, but many places.

  • Your CV will look better

A well-rounded CV with a variety of meaningful experiences is more likely to catch the eye of a potential recruiter than one with just one or two entries. However, don’t overdo the hopping either, as a new job every couple months will raise a lot more red flags than job offers.

  • You can jump straight into a higher-ranking position

    If you are being overlooked for opportunities at every turn, you can apply to the next level up from your current position at a new employer, and have a better arsenal to negotiate your terms, given that you would have the skills, experience, and qualifications to back it up, compared to just after graduation.

  • You can go back, as long as you don’t burn your bridges

Not because you leave an employer means you can never go back. If you leave on good terms, usually you should be eligible for rehire, especially if you find out the ship you jumped to wasn’t quite the ride you expected. Additionally, it helps to stay in touch with a handful of close work pals. I’m an older millennial (80s baby, 90s made me, as the kids say), and I’ve had close to 10 jobs since entering the workforce all those years ago. Out of all my previous employers, I am still in regular contact with at least one person from 5 of them, and I am eligible for rehire at all of them. You never know who might have a connection at your dream job, or remembers you enough to write a glowing letter of recommendation. Just make sure this is NOT the way you part ways:

The economy isn’t great these days, so when it comes to getting your money, you have to move with precision and a plan. Employers are not loyal to you at all; you need to give them two weeks’ notice before you quit so they can maintain their efficiency, but conversely they can fire you whenever they want. It’s not a crime to constantly look for your next opportunity, so make sure you are always weighing your options when it comes to your current, and future jobs.

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