Beauty Haul! But…

Hey everyone! Last week’s post to help a sister out turned me on to an AMAZING site for women who love the vintage look– I’ve since purchased several things, but here’s two looks I’m totally loving…


I’m wearing the “Molly Dress,” in white with cherries. I wore it today at an school event for my son where parents and kids gathered in the open field to fly kites. I got so many compliments I couldn’t keep track of all of them! What’s more, it’s comfy cotton and wide skirt made it easy to run up and down the field with my son’t kite! It’s a bit pricey, coming in at $132, but the quality of the make and material is sure to last a decade or more. It also comes with a red belt, but I wanted to make the look more casual and less dressy. I’ll wear the belt with some cute red heels when me and The Hubster go out to dinner or something.



The other piece is actually two–a top and A-line skirt.



In this photo I’m wearing an A-Line dress in Harlequin Diamond Print ($54), and the Bustier Top in Pastel Yellow ($76).

Obviously I love how these clothes are made, but there’s a couple things niggling at me a bit. First, the sizes run really small. I’m normally a small, but for this site, I’m a medium, and in some items, I think I could pull off a large. My baseline dress size is a four. Just something to think about if you’re planning on purchasing anything.

Second, it’s a little frustrating that the clothes in my size are often sold out, and waiting lists abound for tons of items they didn’t make enough of. My personally, if a store doesn’t have the size I want, I’m not keen to get on a waiting list. Bottom line, if they don’t have it when I want it, I soon decide it wasn’t that serious.

Although all in all, I LOVE this site! The looks make me feel sexy, sophisticated, and modest. Who says you have to be half naked to stop traffic? 😉

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