Placeholder…until Sophia!

So I got this big exclusive interview with Sophia Angeli Nelson about new book Black Woman Re-Defined (and got her to dish on her take on BW in IRR), but… I’m not finished. But I DO REALIZE that you ladies have expectations of me. So I offer the following as a placeholder until I can give the PERFECTION that is the trademark of BB&W.

So I will unleach one of my FAVORITE childhood songs upon you. But first, here’s a question: How old were you when you realized WHAT THE HAY-ELL a dutchie was? (HINT from Wikipedia: The term “dutchie” has itself become a drug reference; it refers to a blunt rolled in a wrap from a Dutch Masters cigar.)

It’s funny too, because the lyrics of the following song repeatedly say, “how does it feel when you got no food?” but if you’re doing the “dutchie” all you want is MORE food.

Just saying. Doing the dutchie is counterproductive if you’re stomach is growling. You’ll end up eating wild dogs or something. Roasting them on a skewer. Okay I’ll stop now.

Now.. trying to remember…where did I put my dutchie? Be back soon.

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