What the Cuss?

PR Flub: Kim Kardashian Mania Has Reached A Tipping Point

Public relations and impression management is in my professional DNA, so try as I might to fight it, the inexorable force that compels me to identify train wreaks overtakes me. So that’s why I just can’t let one more day pass without talking about the walking, talking Armenian Bratz doll that is Kim Kardashian.

Yes; she and her production crew bled sponsors dry on a multi-million-dollar affair, only for Kimmy K to just say “Never mind!” 72 days later. And I can assure you, even her most die-hard fans are rethinking their goddess-worship.

Here’s where Mrs./ex Mrs. Kardashian made her mistake: In a time when people are struggling so much financially and jobs are scarce, people who actually DO want to get married (NOT in a courthouse or their parent’s backyard) and stay married longer than 72 days, this is a beet-red slap in the face with the spittle added for good/bad measure.

Perhaps in the roaring early-to-mid 2,000’s such frivolity might have passed for celebrity eccentricity, but… notsomuch when people are losing their homes and eating Cup-a-Noodles every other night.

Dash in some insult to injury, this celebutard, with all her millions, STILL took freebies from sponsors when she could have TOTALLY paid for that sham of a wedding from the change she gathered in her bodily-fluid-mottled love seat.

The trained eye can see the damage control machine busily at work, and it will remain to be seen if the no-life-having-brain-dead will continue to close ranks around this rich, empty vessel, but I have a buoyant feeling that she and the producers jumped the shark on this. Rule number one of PR: Don’t be a Marie Antoinette. Girls like that tend to lose their heads.

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