What the Cuss?

(Pre) Friday Funny: Dr. Drew Goes The Easy Route on African-American Interracial Dating

Well, well, well. I wonder how many blogs will pop up tomorrow to decry how these BLACK MEN are pursuing their options while throwing BLACK WOMEN under the bus, because, uh…we ladies over here do this kind of stuff all the time, don’t we?

Oh. Right.

Cuz when black men talk shite about black women, the media thinks gosh-golly! it must be true!!

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I’m actually kinda sorta disappointed in the show, because about a week ago the producers contacted me and some other bloggers about getting some guests for them under the guise of Dr. Drew wanting to moderate couples in interracial relationships who’s parents are unable to accept the union. I guess it’s just easier to find a bunch of angry black men who think black women are the Devil’s Jezebels.

And therein lies the problem with the media glomming on to the uptick in the popularity of interracial relationships and Ralph Richard Bank’s book, “Is Marriage for White People.”

I’ve been contacted by Dr. Drew, the one priest on Fox (is he even still doing that show?) and the producers and Anderson Cooper and all they seem to want to do is make this issue a three-ring circus. I can’t say I’m surprised, but I’m more than a little chaffed that these folks have found yet another way to make black women look like no one–not even black men–want us.

If you’re concerned about how we, again are being portrayed, you’re free to voice your concerns to the producer who contacted me under the guise of wanting to *cough* help black women.

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