Product Pick: Nightime Drink Promises Daytime Beauty

Ahhhh…chocolate is so yummy. It’s even yummier when it can help keep you gorgeous.

Beauty Foods, is a drinkable nutritional supplement that picks up on the hot trend of “eating your way to beautiful” from the inside out. “Nightly Beauty,” a hot chocolate drink mix that promotes a good night’s sleep with ingredients like collagen, B vitamins, Vitamin C, valerian root, chamomile, and hops to promote good sleep and keep your skin healthy.

The pros: This stuff is delicious. Such a yummy treat right before bedtime, and the calming ingredients did seem to hasten sleep a bit for me, which is good, because I’m an insomniac.

The cons: At $49.99 for a two-week supply, beauty can come at a steep price. And while the mix only has 5 mg of sugar, the directions say to add the mix to milk, which has 15 grams of sugar, so your drink totals a whopping 20 grams of sugar–and all the sweet stuff can make you not-so-beautiful. Swap unsweetened almond milk for the regular stuff (chocolate or vanilla flavored), and it tastes just as good. As for the price tag, it helps to think of it as a vitamin, and…have you been by the vitamin isle lately? Studies show that the stomach more readily absorbs vitamins via liquid or powder form, which is how the product is delivered.

Still on the fence? The BB&W Los Angeles folks will get a sample of Beauty Foods to take home at our June 3 SWIRLING event at Cashmere Bites. Have you RSVP’ed yet?

Nighty-night, beautiful.

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