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QOTW: Black Woman Insecure About the White Women In Her Husband’s Orbit

The question:

I am a 53 yr. old African-American woman. I recently married a Caucasian man, who is also 53. We have been married 7 months. I have never been treated so good in my life. He calls me his African queen and treats me like one. We live in Idaho and my hubby plays pool, on one of the teams on the town pool league. We go  hunting and he is also over the local dog kennel club. The club trains dogs to retrieve the birds that are shot when hunting.

I love him to death but we seem to be having a lot of communication problems. He has not been around a lot of black people and it shows. He has changed his life from one of a drinking bar person to one who wants a nice life. That happened before he met me. The problem is that I find myself feeling really insecure around the bar women when he plays pool. Bar women, not all, can have very loose morals and dress very provocative. I am not like that. I dress more on the conservative side. I feel he likes that style of dress which means he doesn’t like the way I dress. He says he used to like that type of dress but he doesn’t now and with that style of dress with those women come a lot of problems. I never see him looking at them. He is always hugging and kissing on me when it is not his turn to shoot pool. I think the problem is in me. I believe the whole interracial marriage is strange to me and makes me feel insecure.  He had to learn he couldn’t run his fingers through my hair. So, when I see commercials of white women with long straight hair, I feel deflated. I need some clarity. What do you think?

My take? This woman is about to single-handedly mess up a very good thing.

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