QOTW: “How Can I Tell If He Likes Me?!”

The question…

I enjoy watching all of your videos!! I am black and 19 years old. In a couple of weeks I will  be 20 years old. I live in Alabama. Every time I go to the store, This Caucasian guy is very nice to me. One day I was there and he told me I looked beautiful, that my hair was beautiful, and asked me did I just get it done this week. I told him I did. He gave me two lollipops and I told him thank you and he told me, well, I didn’t know what kind you liked. I told him what my favorite flavor was and from then on he has always given me the same flavor and reminds me that he always tries to never forget.

On Saturday he got really excited and said my name and told me that he was just thinking about how long he hasn’t seen me(it’s been two weeks since I have been there). Before my mom and I leave he gives us two candy canes and says, I am giving you two candy canes that I brought into work today and they are each in the flavor you like. He also gave the two lollipops again too. Every time I go there he always calls me by my first name. He has complimented me on my hair more than one time and asks did I get fixed this week.

He always smiles at me and one time I saw him looking at me when I waved at this lady I know. He has even told me to come there and just buy something for a penny next week( I guess just to see me lol). His kindness has me so attracted to him. I want to talk to him but he hasn’t asked me for my number. Should I ask him  or what do you think is best? Do you think he is into me or just a tease? Thank you!

Here’s my take…

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