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QOTW: Dealing with Racist Friends and Family Members…

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Got this note from a young girl the same week as they guy who wrote in with the skinhead brother. Time to address how to properly deal with bigots.


I am a white woman, age 21, who is dating a black man, age 22. We attend college together and have one more year left. My dad, his sister, and his mother (to a degree) are pretty openly racist not to his face but just in general. The one time my dad met him, he would not shake hands with him or ask him about himself at all. It was quite difficult to endure.

Is it okay of me to move for work or grad school and stop associating with him and his family? I cannot stand for their racism. I think the approach to follow is to just love others and I have to show them as a Christian that is what I am supposed to do.

By the way, we are musicians and have been seeing each other for 7 months, exclusively for 3 months. We aren’t about to get married. But their attitudes are hurtful to me and I cannot live as they want to live. It is my life.

Thanks for any thoughts! Love your blog!

Ashley in Virginia

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