Gender Conflict

QOTW: IR Dating Black Woman Hates Seeing Black Men Do It Too

black man white woman

The question:

I just recently signed up for your email subscription. I get so excited when an email pops up from you. I enjoy reading the questions and articles you share. I recently started dating a white man and I really like him a lot. He treats me wonderfully. Always holds my hand in public, takes me out regularly and just really treats me like his queen. I like that he’s proud that I’m his woman. I feel we’re constantly being stared at though. He said he doesn’t care what others think and to let them just stare. I just turned 40. Was married to a black man for 17 years with 2 kids. Been single 2 years. Met my new guy online (okCupid).  So that’s my background. Here is my issue. I was talking to my girlfriend yesterday and told her that even though I’m dating a white guy and proud of it, I still feel a certain way when I see black men with white women. I love seeing black women with non-white men but don’t feel the same way when it’s the other way around. I was wondering if anyone else feels that way and why is it that I have this double standard. I would love to hear other views on my issue. I’m sure I will get ridiculed. I know it’s wrong but just being honest in how I feel.

Here’s my take…


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