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QOTW: “My Boyfriend Has Never Witnessed Racism Towards Black People”

The Question:
My name is “T.” I got your email from a your YouTube video: Should Black Women Marry Up. I am a black woman in an interracial relationship.
Things seem to be getting pretty serious, but I still have my concerns. I am concerned, because to my knowledge he has never openly witnessed racism towards a black person.
But whenever I talk to him about black culture he is very responsive and positive. Yet, the minute I talk to him about current race issues he shuts down. And this concerns me, because next month we are going to Savanah, Georgia, to celebrate my cousin’s wedding. Where we may experience a racial encounter.
interracial couple argue
I am not sure how we, as a couple, will deal with a situation regarding race. So far the  only situations we have dealt with involved stares and remarks from other people. When I think about the future I do worry about our future children, and how he will handle/explain race to them.
How do I prepare him for this reality? How do we as a couple deal with potential external conflicts concerning race? I hope you can offer me some advice. Thank you, for your time.

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