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QOTW: “Should I Continue Dating Someone Who Might Be Racist?”

Cartoon for QOTW

From Alexa:

Christelyn, I’ve been following your page for quite some time and I was wondering if you could give me some insight on how to overcome the racial divide that seemingly happens in interracial relationships. My boyfriend is white, and while he understands racism exists, not only does it seem he is not concerned but he partially takes part in it (which he conveyed by saying he doesn’t think a Black Man should be President, just because it’s wrong. He seems to be prejudiced towards black men in general.) How do I overcome this to show him the world I grew up in, and ultimately the world my children will grow up in? Or is there no hope for a man who shows no interest in knowing or sympathizing? If you have the time to reply, I’d really appreciate it.



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