QOTW: White Guy Worried He’s ONLY Attracted to Black Women. Here’s My Take.

Hi Christelyn,
I discovered you on Youtube. I enjoy your input on IR dating and would definitely consider you the “expert” on this topic on the web, for what it’s worth.
I’m 27, living in Lexington, KY. Right around 350,000 people with a black population of 14% which isn’t much. All of my past relationships with black women have been great with a few minor hangups that didn’t allow things to work out (kids, moving away,etc.).
I am ONLY interested in black women and aren’t attracted to any other color. I’m worried that I may never find that “one” if I’m limiting myself to only black women. I’m just not attracted to anything else though.  I’ve considered moving to Atlanta where the pickings are much higher but have heard that it’s not exactly the city for monogamous couples. Charlotte may be my second option. I figure if blacks only make up 12% of the US population, I’ve only got less than a 6% chance of finding love. Black women are educated, strong, beautiful, good mothers.
What advice would you give a white male like myself?
Also, is it just me, or do most black women have their guard up for a good bit of time when we begin to date? Would you also say that they expect the worst out of men and have strong insecurities and always are skeptical assume men will just run for the hills? Thanks Christelyn, hope to hear back from you.
-John M.

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