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Question of the Week: Black Women are Beautiful, but They Scare the Hell Out of Me!

Okay, he didn’t say it quite that way. But David Phillips, 35, is befuddled.

Divorced after a 10-year marriage, David only recently discovered how gorgeous, splendid, superb, wonderful, grand, impressive, awe-inspiring, awesome, amazing, stunning, breathtaking, incredible; informal sensational, fabulous and fantastic black women are. Thank you, Webster’s Thesaurus!

But after solely dating and marrying white women his entire adult life, he has a teensy tiny problem and a question:

Why do you think it is so hard for a white man to find a black woman? I have never approached one in public but there have been plenty who I have wanted to. I see them out at the mall and such, but I’m afraid that if I approached her I might get slapped or something! I look forward two your response. I desire someone who I can love and cherish but I am very frustrated in so many ways that I’m about to give up on it.

So I spoke with David this evening so I could screen him to make sure he’s not Ted Bundy’s second cousin twice removed, and I have to say he sounds like a nice guy. A bit shy, but nice. He’s a hard-working divorced father whose daughter and his job are pretty much his life, but he naturally seeks a female companion–preferably one with a high concentration of melanin.

Sorry–can I take a break for a second? I’m just itching to say this:


Ehem. Now we continue: While this blog is not a dating service, I DID talk with David last night– that is, until the baby recalled that she was a reincarnated screaming banshee. So while I don’t know him personally, he definitely DOES NOT sound like a knuckle-dragging mouth breather.

That said, David, who I might mention is originally from a small town in Canada and only saw black people on Diff’rent Strokes until the age of 19, has a Facebook page and is open to meeting people. He lives in Granite City, Illinois and works for the Scott’s (aka Miracle Grow) company.

[Just an aside, because this is fodder for another post: but David mentioned that ALL the black women he has dated so far (through a phone dating service) have been single mothers. He said a few of them got mad when he mentioned that maybe, just perhaps, it’s not all that impressive that their “good baby-daddy’s” buy their kids shoes twice a year. He also wonders how all those dudes get away with not paying child support, and mentioned that if he EVER tried that with his ex-wife (white woman), he’d be in jail. I could say something, but ya’ll already know what I’m thinking! Hey! Don’t want to be accused of, you know, black men bashing, or making a point that many black men shirk their responsibilities as fathers, oh no! I wouldn’t want to do thaaaaat.]

Now I’m opening up the floor. BB&W family, this is your chance to school David and prove that it is indeed possible to find, date and mate smart, sweet, beautiful black women. And…surprise David! Art of Charm co-founder, Jordan Harbinger, dating and body language expert and licensed trainer of SWAGGER, is working on a brief training video JUST for YOU. I’ll add it here after he recovers from his all-night jet-setting. I called him last night and he graciously agreed to do this on the fly. Thanks my friend!

Ladies, please give David your best advice, and if you’re single and know where the heck Granite City is, look him up.

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