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Question of the Week: Which ‘Asian’ Culture is More Down with The Swirl?

I’m sure Asian people get pretty huffy when us ignorant Americans lump them all together. Especially since “Asian” is a blanket term for (and this is a partial list) Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Korean, Cambodian, Hawaiian, Samoan (ah, The Rock, um, num yummy)

Break for a sec. I would, could, might, maybe, possibly, if drugged by a martini, CONSIDER adultry with this man:

What was I saying?

Oh yes, Asians.

Considering the variety of cultures under the general association as ‘Asian,’ I being lead to believe that certain nationalities are more open to interracial relationships than others. I once had a MAJOR crush on a Filipino boy in school, we flirted, made out at a party, but that’s as far as it went. But TRUST me, based on all the girls this guy dated, he and his family had NO PROBLEM WHAT-SO-EVA with WHO-EVA.

However, I get a sense that Chinese and Koreans are a bit more…exclusive.

What say you?

Edited to add: Dwayne Johnson identifying with his Samoan culture in interview:

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