Question of the Week

Question of the Week: “Why Do Black Men Piss On Me When I’m Out with My Rainbeau?

Livi, a pretty black girl who’se seeing a really cute Asian/Spanish guy posted this as a question on Facebook:

So I know most of you aware I am in a relationship (unless you are oblivious) and most of you know he is of asian decent. Some people would think that we constantly have negative comments about our relationship, but we don’t. Most of what I hear are positive and uplifting comments about how happy we both are and how lovely we look together. But, that is not why I’m typing this note. I have had some negative comments from mainly African-American males. We have been stopped in the street before by certain black men who feel they can “do me better” or that I am only with him for some crazy reason and that I cannot really love him (just because of his race?). I have also had some guys say it is strange and I’m foolish. I cannot really comprehend as to why someone would think I’m with him for a bias reason other than the fact that I care about him or why am I foolish -_- is it so hard to believe I could be with someone who is not black or hispanic? I ignore what these men *scratch that* boys say because it is not going to make me think twice about wanting someone else O_o…I’d just like to know why these men care so much and why they are so against it.that’s all I have to say for now…the stupid racial comments will keep coming.I’ll keep everyone updated now and then with more stupidity and more of my ranting =]

Livi, you just experienced some kneegrows trying to piss on their territory. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it one mo’ gain, as more and more high-achieving, low achieving, light, dark, skinny, rotund, short, tall black women decide to explore their options with anyone who doesn’t obviously descend from Africa, this kind of audacity will happen more. Men who have felt entitled to the wimmens will become increasingly threatened with the gravy train becoming dried and burnt, the more you’ll see them exert their frustrations physically.

This honestly concerns me. Men express anger through violence, so I’m co-signing with Penny, who said last week that black women should fall in love with guns. If your state won’t let you have one, get some mace or pepper spray. Someone touches you or gets in your face, spray them with Creole seasoning x1000.

Anyone else see the grafitti on the walls?

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