Question of the Week: “Am I Damaged Goods Because I’m a Single Mother?”

This question really touched me…

Hi Christelyn,
I posted a little over a week ago that I had finally gotten your book in the mail. First I would like to say thank you for sharing your story, educating and shedding light in various areas that I believe will be helpful for me. I am a 26yr old single mother of a 6yr old little boy named Jonathan. I’m a beautiful, intelligent, Christian, who is college educated with a career in the insurance industry. I remember my first rainbeau crush being this cute 16yr old blue-eyed blond named Sean- who broke my heart when he shared with me that he liked me too but his parents were racist! After getting over that I fixed my heart on Nsync’s Justin Timberlake. Now after some life experiences and learning more about who I am and I made a decision not to settle for less than what I want shortly after becoming pregnant. An unmarried sophomore in college pregnant by ex-boyfriend (I learned about my son 2weeks after I ended the relationship) whom I honestly was growing out of and was not interested in being in a relationship with someone incapable of loving me the way I was learning that I needed to be loved/supported. I was determined not to be another statistic- I completed college without taking time off and completed my Bachelor’s degree in 2008. I have now been celibate (hate it-but I refuse to give myself another man without being married first!) since my son was conceived (May 2005) and still single. I’ve struggled with the thought that I am “damaged goods” because I have a son. Your book encouraged me and I just wanted to say thank you.


PS: Beautiful Family

(By the way, I was also a sophomore in college when I became pregnant with Maxi Me. In some ways, I think having my child forced me to choose better, because I felt a real responsibility to provide a safe and secure home for my baby. I WAS NOT going to have her come to me as an adult and tell me how horrible her life was because I let some man abuse us.)

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