What the Cuss?

RANT! Biggest Racists Of All: Black Folks!

Now that I’m more active on the You Tubes, I have seen all manner of KRAZZAY, and mostly by those “In Living Color” edumacated jailbirds who think they’re shooting knowledge. These folks have so much hate in their hearts that if they suddenly lost all their melanin, they’d make excellent candidates for senior level Klan members. These are the folks that think ALL white people are bad, regardless of whether their ancestors participated in slavery or not–so even if a person is from, say, Sweden, the Republic of Armenia, or Russia? (did Russia participate in slavery? meh; whatever) they are all evil and must be eliminated so that black people can take over and rule the universe, because Mother Africa is the cradle of civilization and all that. Seriously, these people need medication, have an aggressive deprogramming session by military-trained torture people, followed by forced watching of “Care Bears” played on a loop. Here’s what some sister soldier called “mooncooninc83” had to say when I told her that my husband’s family never owned a slave, and if she wanted to be the angry black woman she’s free to do so, but I’ll keep living a happy life.

I’m sure that after his family emigrated during the 1900’s, a period where White ppl were much less refined in their mistreatment of non-White ppl, that they too joined-in in some way, shape, or form.
“I mean, how far are you going with this hate whitey thing?”
Never mentioned “hating” anyone. However, I’m willing to follow logic and common sense to wherever they lead me. Although, I will admit that self-delusion often proves to provide one with a more happier life.


AHAHAHA! Moon coon. Boy that’s rich. Am I “delusional” that I don’t simply hate my husband and his family, all of them who have done me no harm, but in fact have displayed TREMENDOUS generosity and love, people who have never, never, never, never, EVER made my oldest daughter feel like she is any less of a grandchild than their own flesh and blood? The same people who flew out for weeks cooked, cleaned, and taxied while I had to live on my back for three months while on bed rest with my son? Who’s the delusional one, you coon?

Here’s how I replied to Miss Coon:

I choose to live my life and be happy, and not carry anger around. I love and honor those who love and honor me. Period. You are not convincing me or anyone else who subscribes to this page of anything. You go be angry and I’ll keep living a nice life.

Guess what she said:

I’m happy your life is happy. And if you’re able to convince yourself that your White spouse (I don’t from where he’s from) doesn’t benefit from/participate in the system of racism/White supremacy in some way then, by all means, go right ahead.
I’m not mad or angry.
Your choices are your own.
I’m just perplexed.

BOITCH, you’re PERPLEXED? WHAT THE EFF ARE YOU PERPLEXED ABOUT? I mean, how DARE I find love, happiness and stability with a white man!!? GTFOOHWTBS, you coon! You ain’t fooling nobody. You’re not happy I’m happy.

So I’m to blame my husband, through no fault of his own and because of his sheer “whiteness” I am supposed to have contempt for him? WHY? Because your crazy arse said I should? She goes on to blame whitey for the HIV/AIDS epidemic, the crack explosion of the 90’s, the prison industrial complex, moon spots, and Kim Kardashian.

And then there’s the male trolls who call us women who find love of another race all manner of disgusting terms, like this guy who thought his comment would go through on a feature I did about a newly engaged interracial couple I featured.

black women are selfish dumb azz self-hating sellout white man’s wh0res who hate dark skin and real dark/brown-skinned black men, that’s why we’re is in deep sh’t. black women think that racist fake white people are their friends and their racist white “kings” men for real in love with them … smh!

That is disgusting and gross. The caucasian man raped african/african-american women and now they date the ugly fake racist pink devils….yuck!!! what a dumb self-hating black hoe…..I think all you black/mixed bitches need really help and seriously work with yours low self esteem. BLACK WOMEN ARE SHAME!

for what you was born hoe?! you was born for make real dark/brown skin black sons/kids who will be look like you and keep black race and african american culture still alive in this fuckin white man’s world and ain’t for UGLY nasty white as bird’s shit looking racist white men and white/mixed looking kids who always go to white race smh! you help white ppl kill us, you are shame bitch!!

Ladies, this is what women on the fence are up against. That’s why it is IMPERATIVE to have communities such as these–they serve as a haven against the KRAZY GAT-DL zombies. The level of this policing is going on at a fevered pitch because these folks are getting scared. They see their racist, separatist beliefs being challenged, black women removing the shackles and going free, and they HATE it. These people are PURE EVIL, and if you know one of these, or have one in your family you need to eliminate, squash, ex-nay, and cease and desist that relationship because that person means you no good and wishes you no happiness. And the anonymity of the internet allows these folks free reign to express their racist beliefs and attempt to impose them on others through e-bullying.

This segment of black folks have no desire to uplift the race, their only desire is to ensure that everyone is as miserable and they are. I will never apologize for choosing a nice, quiet life free to BC drama. They will never make me apologize for living my life to my own benefit.

And neither should you.



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