What the Cuss?

RANT: I Am So SICK of Black Women Throwing THEMSELVES Under the Bus…

I’ll admit it. I watch car crashes and train wrecks on Facebook. I lurk on so-called “black empowerment” pages ran by people who think beating up and belittling black women will make them “ack right.” It’s like I’m WTF-ing when I should be doing other stuff. I know. I have chronic rubber-necker disease.

I guess what really bothers me is how most of these pages are populated by black women basically BEGGING for acceptance by people who openly crap on them. (But I’m the bitch for actually pointing this out…but whatevs…)

So I’m reading a post from a women basically getting gang-jumped on this “empowerment” page because she has the NERVE to question the open and seething contempt she feels…

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 11.14.04 PM

I blurred out her name and I won’t mention the page because my wish is not to shame this woman, but to try to understand her. Read the words. I mean, REALLY take in what she is saying. This encapsulates EVERYTHING we complain about NBAB black women who unquestioningly will throw sisters under the bus for a pat on the head and some crumbs. Why. WHY?! I don’t think these women are stupid nor evil. I believe they are emotionally invested in a community that has open contempt and hatred for them, and they are trying desperately to get the love and acceptance that they SHOULD have, but don’t, and will probably never get. Like a child who begs for an abusive parent to love them, they endure all things in hopes that their efforts will one day be rewarded.

But how is that working? I mean, really?

Honestly, this is the same mentality that allows for persistent and pervasive sanctioned ABUSE of black girls and women. It is this attitude that convinces us that the needs, desires and basic human dignity of sisters is unimportant to the black community. These not-stupid, not-evil women contribute to the outright physical sacrifice of black girls and women on the alter of unity.Do they not SEE THIS?!

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