Gender Conflict

Rapper, I Heart Memphis Gets Round of Back Pats for His White Girlfriend. Can We Get That, Too?

First off, I have to be honest and say that I have never heard of i Heart Memphis until today. I have also never heard the the that got him featured on this national hip hop station. But I clicked the link on Bossip (yeah I know) because the title said “The Swirl: I Heart Memphis Reveals His White Girlfriend Inspired “Hit The Quan” Dance/Song.”

So I watched, and noticed a few things. I Heart Memphis seems like a really sweet guy, at least from my first impression. And when the hosts asks for him to bring out the woman who inspired such a popular song, she, too, was pretty, sweet, and a little shy. Honestly they’re cute together.

What I thought was super obnoxious is that the host of the show roar with surprise and congratulations that this kid “landed him a white girl,” as if he had won the lottery. They treated Gabriella like a rare and exotic animal, to be studied and admired.

If I’m correct, I don’t believe Eve or Azealia Banks–both involved in interracial relationships themselves, got such high praise. Uhm….yeah I’m pretty sure they didn’t.

I use this event to point on an example of the double standard black women face in a community that thinks it’s a total lottery win to bag a white chick, but expresses faux disappointment (faux because these folks weren’t checking for these girls anyway) when they meet, marry, and mate with white men.

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 7.53.31 AM

The perception of critics of black women IR dating behave as if they’ve won the tri-state jackpot is really a projection, because based on what I just saw here, that’s pretty typical.

But I have to say, I Heart Memphis and is girl remained dignified and above the schoolyard excreta.

What say in all this?

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