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“Real Housewives Atlanta” Makes Black Woman Traveling in Packs Look Rabid. But What’s the Real Story?

Not sure any of you got a whiff of this fart cloud, but this is the clip from when RHOW of Atlanta went to South Africa. This a pack of ghetto black women put on display as something black girls should aspire to. OMF-inG.

When Fleace Weaver, founder of Black Girl Travel, saw this clip, she was outraged at the cheap display of hood-ism, especially since she had just come off a trip to South Africa with her girls. Weaver’s company is an international traveling group that specializes in organizing trips for black women who don’t feel comfortable traveling alone.

Ja’Net Defell, one of the women who took the SA trip with Weaver said, “My initial thought of the RHOA is they are a bad portrayal of African American women. I recognize that it is a reality show and ratings are a factor. However, I think it’s sad that six women can’t take a journey of a lifetime without drama. organized more than 40 women to visit the motherland. We had an emotional, educational, and bonding experience that will stay with us forever. I think if the RHOA spent less time focusing on VIP status, Rolex watches and money in a bank account, they could take advantage of the experience right in front of their face. Sad so sad.”

Here’s what Debbie Marrs, another BGT member had to say:

While the RHOA arrived in South Africa with designer handbags, stilettos and plenty of attitude and discord among them, BGT arrived in South Africa with open hearts, open minds and a sense of sisterhood and camaraderie. Like the RHOA, we had more than our share of good times; we even sat at VIP tables in Cape Town and sipped champagne, wine and cocktails, but what BGT really drank in during our trip was the beauty of the land, the warmth of the people, a connection to their history and a sense of kinship — both with each other and with “our people” in South Africa. We left South Africa deeply affected, more committed to setting the right priorities in our lives, which have now been enriched by this experience. Somehow, I think the RHOA will return to Atlanta the same as when they left, and they will have missed the whole point!

She and I had a great conversation about the “Real Housewives” ratchetness, the perilous impression of black women on the international stage, and of course, much about black girls traveling.

Take a listen:

Check out these chocolate bellas in Italy…

Pack your bags, girls!

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