The Reason African Women Find it EASIER Than AA Women to Swirl

There was an interesting comment posted under a story we did on Loving Day about African women in interracial relationships versus African American women, and thought it was worth delving into.

One thing I have noticed is, most of these women in IR relationships are Afric@n women or foreign bl@ckk women or bl@ck women from the islands. they are not usually AA women. Is there anything Afric@n women know about IR relationships that we don’t know. Do they haveAny tips they should be sharing with us. Most IR relationships I see on Instagram and YouTube involving bl@ck women its usually foreign bl@ck women. More than half of these women featured here today are foreigne black women. Just asking for a friend. Lol…

This response comment was notable…

These are my tips as an African woman (Togolese who grew up in Ghana) married to a white American man for a decade. First white people love non-native blacks because of the exotic appeal & also less baggage. Chris has said before that many white men in America love African women. Single AA women should tap into this secret & date European men. They adore you!!! Second, Africans don’t have hang-ups on mixing with whites. Africans identify by ethnic groups not on the basis of race. Race isn’t an issue in most African countries. Third, African women are socialized to be hypergamous, prioritize marriage & having a child outside wedlock is scorned. Fourth African parents push their kids to get the highest education possible. This is why Africans are the highest educated immigrant group in the US (with PhDs & Ivy League education) even ahead of Asians. High education gives African women access to quality men. I & many of my IR married African buddies here made it a priority to find a husband while we were in college. By 30, 90% of my female classmates back home in Ghana were married. AA women are the highest educated group of women in America & single AA ladies should snag quality men they meet in college & at work. Finally, African girls are trained by older women to be happy, humble & domesticated. I’ve heard many non-black men on YT say these qualities are what they love about their wives.

This right here is comment gold. Essentially African women’s ability to think of their SELF INTEREST over all things allows them to interracially date and marry without a second thought. The issue African American women have that they don’t is a constant indoctrination of “white people bad” and to not believe so is a betrayal to the race. We’re still in chains, while African women allow themselves to be free.

I’ll close with this comment, because it basically does my job for me.

Hello from a fellow African, Ethiopia! I agree 100% with everything you said. I have 5 brothers, 3 are engineers and 2 are doctors. All 5 of them brought their wives from Ethiopia. One of my brother actually fell in-love with a black American woman, but they had a falling out on race issues. She wanted him to be a “race hustler” and he was having none of it. He just didn’t feel like white people were his enemies.

And this is what it all boils down to. Constantly holding on to the past, blaming innocent people for things they never participated in. In Ethiopia the largest interracial marriage is between Italian men and Ethiopian women. If you know the history and the atrocity the Italians committed in Ethiopia before they were driven out, you would think Ethiopian women would avoid them like the plague. But, the idea of holding today’s Italians responsible for what their country did in the 40s under a fascist ruler is a foreign concept to Ethiopians. Africans, move on. Congolese women marry Belgium men by the thousands, do you remember what they Belgian men did in Congo, a Holocaust of 10 million innocent lives? Africans forgive and move on. Progress is on their mind not “race hustling.”

Hypergamy is a lost pursuit in the Western world. I believe the equal economic achievements of both sexes has a lot to do with it. In the Western world, women don’t need to “marry-up” to survive. If a man will not take care of them, the government steps in. However, in developing countries things are different. That’s why we still have bride prices (dowries) in the 21st century. Trust me though, if the government wasn’t taking care of women in 1st world nations, women would be practicing hypergamy like crazy! I think CK need to have a Googleplus hangout on hypergamy with all of us participating.

And yes…we DO need a hangout about this very thing.

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Follow Christelyn on Instagram and Twitter, and subscribe to our YouTube channel. And if you want to be a little more about this online dating thing, InterracialDatingCentral is the official dating site for this blog.