Gender Conflict

Is This the Reason Why They Hate On Black Women Who Swirl? ?

A fan just wrote this note to me:

Hey Chris! So I recently went on Facebook and saw a post made by my unofficial but not really brother in law. He basically slandered Black women for dating and marrying outside their race. At first I thought I wasn’t reading correctly but after taking a closer look, he really did bash interracial relationships. A little background about this “unofficial but not really” brother in law. He and my younger sister had a baby out of wedlock! Funny huh? Not only that but he doesn’t even take care of my niece and rarely does he pay child support. LOL! I just find it laughable that a guy who doesn’t even take care of his OWN child, let alone himself has the audacity to criticize Black women for taking interest in White men who more than likely aren’t hitting and dissing Black women. Interestingly enough,Ā  he fails to realize that a lot of these BW who are with WM are the one’s who get married and not having babies out of wedlock with dead beat fathers. He’s also no longer with my sister. He comes to see her maybe once a month and provides no supplies for his child. I’m just hoping that when my niece gets older he doesn’t try to perpetrate his ignorant views on interracial relationships and marriages.
Down below is his post. What are your thoughts?


Now, before I replied to her, I did a quick Facebook search of this person to find out if he indeed said this. He did. Along with a few other choice quotes:

“This is a slap in the face to all the slaves who’s masters killed them and fucked they wives”

“What a white man ever did for me or my people…. Shit but play mind tricks”

He goes back and forth on his thread with friends that disagree with his statement, and he quips, “Not even about to disagree no moreĀ ???Ā that shit dead just know you won’t catch me switching up on my beautiful black queens.”

Now, I have confirmed that he in fact IS a “baby daddy” who has open contempt for the mother of his child, whom he never married. He says that interracial marriage is a “slap in the face” to our ancestors. Well I’d like to challenge him with the fact that him creating a fractured family and creating a child that he doesn’t care for is the REAL INSULT to our ancestors, who had their children ripped from them and sold off to other slave plantations, while the mother and father of said children were forbidden to marry.

And when I look at this man’s interests, it’s all about light-skinned, big bootie Intragram models, gold teeth, and raunchy hip hop idols. He has NOTHING going on for himself, judging from what his interests reflect on his page.

So with all that, it’s no wonder why he can’t stand seeing a white man marrying and procreating with the very black women he calls “queens” but treats like throwaways. He’s jealous because it introduces too steep a competition for him. Men like this don’t want black women getting any ideas about putting up deuces to the baby mama lifestyle, replete with all the memes about how black women should “pick a brother up,” not expect financial reciprocity, or a traditional family. Many black women are plain sick and tired of raising grown babies with Peter Pan syndrome. They want men, and they’re casting wider nets to find them.

Now that’s not to say there aren’t a lot of man-babies in other races, but it’s a numbers game. You’ll lose if you don’t widen your odds. And that’s exactly what the male subject of this blog post does NOT want you to do.

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