Recap of All the WTF News We Missed Last Week…

Last week was full of WTF news that we at BB&W didn’t get a chance to discuss, but the news is just too big to be ignored. Here’s a list of what we missed…

Paula Deen Loves Ni**ers!! (As long as they know their place)

Paula Deen Diabetes

Paula Deen likes to use the n-word…a lot. She probably pines for the days of Dixie, when all black men wore white jackets and black ties and served all the white people at lawn parties. When asked during a deposition if she had ever used the n-word before, she replied, “Yes of course.” Um…“of course?” is that like, a rule? Are all white Southerners of a certain age expected to use that word? And it’s for that reason Miss Deen lost her shows on the Food Network, and I say it couldn’t have happened to a better person. Using the n-word, and any other name to disparage any race speaks to the very morality of a person. It says something about your character, your true essence. Of course after her empire begins to crumble, the queen of butter and sugar went to You Tube, begging for forgiveness.



Horizon Science Academy in Ohio got a shitstorm rained down on them when parents received an update to the school dress code forbidding afro-puffs and small braids. Of course the natural hair community went H.A.M., as did the parents, which the school soon released a blubbering apology. So, yes parents, you can sent your kids to Horizon with Afro puffs, but just know the administration IS NOT gonna like it!

Tommy Sotomayor makes friends with the GOP


Rabid, mouth-foaming, black-woman-hating, baby-mamma beating and apparent criminal, deadbeat dad, and You Tube troll, Tommy Sotomayor is making inroads with the GOP. Here’s what happened:

State Rep. Kyle Tasker (R-Nottingham) said he posted a YouTube video from controversial Atlanta radio host Tommy Sotomayor on Facebook because it included footage of a black woman having an argument on a bus, then throwing her baby to someone before tackling another passenger. In the post, Sotomayor says after the footage that “black women are the worst stewards of children on the planet. They are the worst mothers by a long shot.”

Some of you people think a troll like Tommy Sotomayor will just go away when you ignore him. This is proof that he’s here…at least for a while. This national attention he receives is bound to backfire in time. Trust me, no one, I mean NO ONE will touch him if they know what’s good for them. This representative has learned this the hard way.

“Sopranos” death


James Gandolfini, much loved after and star of the award-winning HBO series, “The Sopranos” died from a heart attack at only 51 years old. May he rest in peace.

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