Resolutions, Anyone? Dish.

So this is the end. Finito. Hours left in 2011 and I can look back on the year and say it was pretty good. After all, nobody died. Or got laid off. All our kids still have thier limbs. And we still can pay the mortgage. So all in all, I leave 2011 a little melancholy. BB&W grew by leaps and bounds, No Wedding No Womb is in Phase II, and–it’s official–the crew here is the kick-ass-iest of all. Sorry trolls, you can’t win them all.

So next year I’ve got BIG plans. Really big. And my New Year’s resolution is to stay organized and try not to go completely bonkers with all the balls I’ll have in the air.

Here’s what’s coming:

–New lifestyle section covering, well, life.
–Beauty: make-up, skin care, product reviews
–Natural hair: Led by the beautiful Dr. Pheonix Austin, with back up from contributors like Chris-Tia Donaldson, author of “Thank God I’m Natural”
–Politics and Current Events: Led by the fabulous LaShaun Williams
–Personal Finance: saving, investing, getting out of debt, with contributors like Alan Schrage, co-founder of Money Crashers
–Farmer’s Market Fresh: healthy cooking and eating, world’s healthiest foods, video interviews with sustainable farmers
–Married swirling life: tons of contributors telling their stories
–Single swirling life: tons of contributors telling us how fabulous it is to be single
–Family life: tons of contributors sharing their experiences raising a multi-racial and multi-cultural family
–Contributors like runner and writer, Tracy L. Scott (lost 90 pounds running like Forrest) and Your’s Truly, with a weekly video exercise that will be so hard you’ll need a week to recover. Just kidding.

–BWE: With contributions from our favorite brainiac, Jamila!

–International Travel: lead by my favorite travelista, Oneika the Traveler.
–Book club and discussion
All in all, maybe I’m not so sad 2011 is going away, because 2012 look pretty dayum good.

Happy New Year, ya’ll.

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