Restaurant That Turned Away Interracial Couple Being Attacked Gets Dinged on YELP

The interracial dating/marriage and gay community is outraged by the news that a married couple and a gay man were attacked by RACIST THUGS outside of a Long Island City bar called SHI.

The entire city is outraged (and I’m sure quite embarrassed), but now some of that outrage is being directed at the restaurant, because the owner turned away the woman (black) begging for help because her husband (white) was being beaten and was covered with blood. People have flooded YELP en masse to trash and shame the joint with negative reviews, and urging other to protest with their feet and dollars.


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Screen shot 2013-08-21 at 7.15.16 AM

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What say all of you? Do you think the restaurant owner deserves this negative press? His defense is that he didn’t let the patrons in because he thought it was a minor scuffle and had the impression the police had already been called. He also expressed concern over his existing patrons.

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