Rick and Maya Reunion of “Bold & The Beautiful” Brings Out Racist Cat Claws

I’ve been following the relationship of “Rick and Maya” for some time now, but if you need some background click here and here.

So…this unlikely couple that started out with so much promise (because initially Maya fell in love with Rick before she knew he was heir to the Forrester fashion house) has now been totally ruined, because the writers have now made Maya into an unapologetic gold digger and Rick a spoiled little Napoleon (was that redundant?) in the corporate boardroom.

Like most fans, when story lines get me so disgusted, I take a break for a while and catch up by way of the Soapnet message boards. When I clicked on the “Bold and Beautiful” section, I saw this note as a sticky:

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 10.12.42 PM


Apparently there’s some lines being drawn in the sand with Maya fans on one end and Caroline fans (the Barbie-esque soon-to-be-ex of Rick Forrester) on the other. Some of the Maya haters seem to be allowing their racism to show. Which makes sense, I guess. You have to consider the demographic of women who still watch soap operas (with the exclusion of me, because…well…BECAUSE!!) many of them are over 40 and clinging to the era when soaps ruled daytime television. There weren’t many interracial couples to speak of, and no black or black(ish) woman would EVER deign to de-thrown a pure aryan princess such as Caroline…





But I’ll not put all the blame on the fans, because the writers responsible for the story line, have done all they can to allude to Maya’s inferiority without coming right out and saying she’s a hood booger who needs to go back to “her kind of people.”

It the soap opera viewers follow the stories because they wish to live vicariously through the glamorous characters, Maya’s ascension to the top choice of the most powerful man in the fictional clothing company is probably pissing off a lot of women who thought they would always and forever be the first choice, no matter what race of the man.

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