Sad News: Our Very Own “Brown Betty” Passed Away.

It’s with a very heavy and sad heart that I’m reporting that my friend, “Brown Betty” (her name was Demita Usher) passed away suddenly. She was a staunch supporter of my work, and she attended my first book signing for Swirling. She then went on to write for our blog, and you could always find her on our fan page standing up for me and our cause. She was one of our staunchest supporters, and more than that, she was a wonderful friend and confidant to me.

There are little details about how she passed, except for a Facebook post that said the following:

“Please let all prayer go up for those of you who are friends of Brown Betty’s she called asking for prayer she is in the hospital. She was told of the doctors that she has a blood clot on the lungs and congenital heart failure… we pray against this in the name of out Lord and savior Jesus and by the blood of the Lamb that the clot dissolve and the pathways to her heart open clearly and valves operate at the correct rate they were designed to by our creator. PLEASE PRAY!!!!”

To see Demita’s latest post, click here.

She was a wonderful friend, talented writer, and unapologetic advocate for black women. I’m speechless. I’m shocked.

It’s times like this that you know you can’t take people for granted. One day they are here, the next day they could be gone. Tell the ones who are special to you that you love them and cherish them.

Rest in peace, my beautiful ‘Brown Betty.’13179_10205666472319490_4007058033826600772_n

If you knew Demita, share your fond memories.

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