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‘Scandal’ Episode One and Episode Two Open Thread: What Did You Think of the Show?!

I’ve watched the first and second episodes of ‘Scandal,’ ABC’s new television show featuring Kerry Washington as a D.C. crisis management expert named Olivia Pope. Conclusion: I thoroughly enjoyed the show. There were some parts of the shows that irked me, such as the fact that the characters did talk extremely fast–far faster than I believe people in Washington D.C. actually talk. I know my opinion on ‘Scandal’ so now it’s time to hear your opinion, lovely readers of Beyond Black and White.


Olivia Pope was once involved with the President of the United States in an adulterous affair, and that it probably why she left the White House to start her own firm–to get away from the mess she had created. What are your thoughts on Olivia being a (reformed) adulterer?

Olivia encourages one of her employees to propose to his girlfriend, leading some to suggest that Ms. Pope will be another single, lonely black women immersed in her work who plays matchmaker to all those around her while she remains man-less. Did any of you get the impression that Olivia Pope was being set up as a woman who only cares about her career, and looks haute while kicking career-arse? Is this a new, updated version of the Mammy role for a younger generation?

Do you think the President is just a bit too much of horn-dog to have ever been able to become the leader of the free world? After all, so far we know that the President has cheated on his wife with not one, but two women. How does a man become that powerful while being such a whore?

That’s just for starters…lets discuss!

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