Serious Question: Would You Date You?

Black women are in a unique crossroads when it comes to dating these days. Often, the openness to expand our dating pool comes as a result of some harsh and uncomfortable realizations. After the dissipation of denial, comes the anger. And alas, many of us are “dating angry.” We know we’ve been played, we’re lashing out, and it’s coming off as fetid as those raw chicken legs you accidentally left in your trunk for five days.

Angry Woman and Confused Man

Dating-While-Angry is hard. It bleeds through virtually every experience and you’ll never be able to experience the fullness of what’s good, because you’re so focused on what’s gone bad.


So do I want you to push that anger away and deny it? Hell no! Feel it, girl. Feel it all. Scream. Cry. Rage. Go through the process. And once you’ve got it all out, smile and bat your eyes. You’re ready to get that guy.

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