Five 100% Natural Beauty Products that Work 100% of the Time

I’m proud to say that the majority of the things I put into my body is natural and organic, but I can’t say the same thing about what goes on my body. While I try to stay away for synthetic chemicals and potentially harmful preservatives, much of my beauty regimen come from “science magicians.” This is due in part to the idea that I still can’t really believe that all-natural, organic products can really work effectively on my aging, almost 41-year-old skin. Because I am nearly fanatical and vain about keeping my skin looking vibrant and youthful, I use the most effective formulas, regardless of whether they are natural/organic or not.

But lately I’ve been rethinking on how quickly I’ve been dismissing natural products, because some of the companies that are pitching me for reviews have some pretty effective offerings. Here’s a list of organic items I received for review, but like enough to buy on my own dime once the container is empty. As you all know, I recommend nothing on this blog that I have not seen, touched, or used myself. It’s just how I roll.

Organic Doctor Snail Gel and Hydrating Radiance Elixer

USA Snail Gel & Carton 50ml

Okay…snail gel. When I first heard of this I was kind of…grossed out. I mean, I’m a gardener and snail in my life is usually a no-no. I also am not a fan of eating them, I tried them once at a French restaurant in Chicago and never, EVER again. They are just disgusting. But apparently there’s a substance that these slimy critters secrete that contributes to anti-aging. So why snail gel, exactly? “The mucus contains proteins, glycolic acids, allantoin, hyaluronic acid and elastin intended help with regeneration and repair of snails’ membranes and shells,: says an article published in the Daily Mail, highlighting celebrities that swear by the stuff. MY TAKE: I like it, and would spend my dollars for it, because after application I noticed a marked decrease in large pores around my cheeks. I’m applying at night before my nightly moisturizers. It makes my skin feel slightly tight, probably an effect of the ingredients- Glycolic Acid, Collagen, Elastin, Allantoin, Vitamins and Minerals. However there’s some concern that the clear jar is an unstable housing unit for the active ingredients and might lose it’s efficacy over time. Probably best to store in a cool, dry place. 

For the Pool: Swim Spray


Chlorine is super drying for our kinks and curls, and the sooner we get it out, the less chance our hair will be dry and smelling of community pool. Swim spray basically liquid Vitamin C and water. It’s a great antioxidant and neutralizer for chlorine and can be used on both the hair and skin. The summary: “If you smell like chlorine, that’s because you are still covered in chlorine.SwimSpray neutralizes chlorine after swimming.For your hair & skin100% natural Vitamin CFragrance-freeUse SwimSpray after swimming with your favorite shampoo, soap, or body wash. You will notice that you do not smell like chlorine the very first time that you use it.” However,  the spray doesn’t really work for sun and chlorine protection before you enter the pool, which would have been kind of cool. The items says it’s fragrance free, but if you leave the solution on your hair without following up with shampoo gives off a somewhat metallic smell.

sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil


I’ve writing about this amazing product before, but it bears repeating. Sea buckthorn oil i a bushy Eurasian shrub or small tree that typically grows on sandy coasts. It bears orange berries, and some plants are spiny. The berries are full of omega 7 fatty acids, vitamins A, C, and E, which really work to enhance the skin and loosen tackles in your hair. Sibu is a bottle with doppler that can be added to just about hair, body or skin product. I use it after I do my steam facials and after I wash my hair. Add a few drops to your shampoo and conditioner–you’ll be pretty amazed.

Surya Brasil Amazonia Preciosa Ucuuba Restructuring Hair Mask


The formulation is for curly and brittle hair, and is 99% natural (close enough!). I using this as a bimonthly deep conditioning moisturizing and protein treatment. The essential oils and nut butters work wonderfully on my kinks and curls. Because it’s all natural, the smell of the conditioner –mildly medicinal–isn’t the best, but I’m in it for the results, not whether or not it smells like apple blossoms and berries. Consistency is on the mid-range…not runny, but not ultra thick, so those with thick hair or long hair will have to use quite a bit, because I recommend you distribute for root to tip for optimal results.

Valentina’s Home Sunny Outlook Natural Body Mist


What, you didn’t know body mists were a thing? During the hot and dry summer days, I find myself sprinting quit often to rehydrate my skin and get a dose of mandarin orange, lemon and ginger. I really like this formulation because it contains vegetable glycerin, which combined with water rehydrates curly hair, boosts the curls, and leaves my hair smelling amazing. On the flip, the glycerin can feel a bit sticky and greasy on the skin, so it’s best to use as an after-shower spray to help seal in moisture while leaving you smelling amazing.




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