Gender Conflict

Sexy, Single, and Swirling…With a Slight Twist

I’m kinda sorta single these days but for openly dating and since its Spring time I think its about time I look for me a summer love or two..three…..well……you know.

There’s an old joke by Woody Allen that goes something like “bisexuality immediately doubles your chances of a date on a Saturday night” and that may be true but I’m peculiar and there has to be a certain something about a person in order for me to get into them.

Now I don’t have a particular preferences as far as race goes and I’m very open about everything else with the exception of my requirement that he be height weight appropriate, lack a criminal history, any OOW children (or children entirely for that matter) and he must have some sort of an appreciation for culture.

Forgive me for being shallow, but a girl wants what she wants, and though I have been admonished for my choices of attributes that appear on my list I actually think my requirements are quite sane. There are those Black women willing to accept a man with a blemish or several on his criminal history but wouldn’t think about giving one of my normal dating prospects a chance.

There are Black women who would accept a man with a spotted, mysteriously vague sexual history but who would not accept an openly bisexual man who gets regularly tested for HIV.

I do date adventurously and I am a sucker for a pretty face but I wonder how many Black women out there would go out on a date with a cross dresser, or a pre-op transsexual, or a plain old out of the closet bisexual male in hopes of finding love?

*PLEASE peep the comment section of this old article I wrote in 2010..SMDH*

But I wonder is this a gender thing or a race thing or possibly both?

I’ll admit that I don’t see gender and maybe that little facet of me causes me to see people differently. Sometimes I wonder just how much…



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