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Single Black College Girls: Advice by IRR expert Linda Young, PhD

I just love it when I interview someone and hit pay dirt. Writers, you know the feeling–your source’s answers are all on point, succinct and informative, and sharing their wisdom makes you look really smart.

That’s what my interview with Dr. Young (who so happens to be a black woman married to someone white) was like. As I continue to gather nuggets of knowledge for the chapter about managing scrutiny from outsiders while in an interracial or intercultural relationship, the good doctor and I got off on a bit of a tangent, but the information was so valuable to young girls that I just had to share.

In her book, The Sojourner’s Passport, Khadija admonishes African-American girls attending predominately white colleges to stop fighting over, bending over, and rolling over to get a date with the 12 black guys on campus. That’s ugly stuff.

Yet, many college girls remain hesitant to date interracially or interculturally, so they jump through hoops lit with gasoline, juggle, spin plates on their heads while wearing sexy lingerie and accept 2AM booty calls. Or still there are others, who will sit in the dorms with the other black girls and watch Snapped marathons on Oxygen all night long while polishing each other’s toenails.

They whine that the black boys don’t want them (because surprise! they have no problem dating Becky, Su Lin, Rocio and Shenita), and contend that nobody of any other hue or culture wants them either. Really? Dr. Young advices these ladies to do some serious self-examination. This is advice that should be shoved down the throat of I mean, communicated to every black college girl you know, so pass it on!

Audio: Dr. Young Interview_blog

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