Single Girl Dating Fashion Must Haves

Just like there are some key staples for a work wardrobe (tailored blazer, well cut pants, great blouses/crisp button downs), there are essentials that should be in every single girls’ wardrobe!  Feminine, sexy (NOT slutty!), flattering pieces that make you feel confident and desirable:

Dating Wardrobe Essentials


Sheer dress

Chantelle bra
$98 –

Charlotte Russe pencil skirt

Jonathan Aston black hosiery
$19 –

Black heels

Steve madden heels

1. A Fabulous LBD (Little Black Dress): Pretty much every woman should have a go to little black dress!  It can be worn to a dinner, wine tasting, high end museum outing, party, anywhere that your fabulous date plans to take you.  Clothing lines all include an LBD in their lineup so whether your budget is Forever21 or Gucci, you can find one that fits your check account AND body.  Entice his eye with elements such as a deep V-neck, a waist cinching belt, booty boosting ruching/ruffles, etc.

2. Push-up bra: Now, there’s no need for him to necessarily SEE this part of your wardrobe just yet 😉  but lingerie can make you feel confident and sexy in your skin.  The right underwear totally can make or break an outfit because they are foundation pieces so leave the cotton Hanes at home for the evening and slip into something that adds some vavavoom to your walk.

3. A surprise pop of sexiness: There should always be one piece in your closet that has a surprise element to it that ups the sexy when realized.  See that purple dress in the set?  It may look covered up and demure but the back is completely bare and sheer!  He sees you walking to him and will appreciate it but boy will he whistle in appreciation when you walk ahead 😀  Hints of skin always has that effect so the surprise pop of sexy could be a maxi skirt that happens to have a thigh high slit which is only apparent when you strut.

4. Patterned or textured hose/tights: Fishnets have always been in the arsenal of any bad girl and that’s because there is something very alluring about silky hose grazing the leg and giving that sheer effect of there being something on the legs so that they aren’t completely bare but you can still see them.  If you are feeling particularly coy, put on some thigh highs with a suspender belt and it will be your little secret that you can choose to let him in on.

5. Pencil Skirt: There is something so ultra feminine and flattering about a body hugging pencil skirt.  Add a bit of Marilyn Monroe’s famous wiggle to your walk while wearing one and you can conquer the world.  They come in a range of textures/fabrics as well as lengths so every body can find its fit.  For girls with some chunky bits *raises hand* a high waisted pencil skirt can cinch in those areas when it comes up to the natural waist.  Short girls can elongate the legs with a shorter pencil skirt while a longer one can really accentuate the gorgeous gams of a long legged beauty.

6. High Heels: Even ladies who live in flats or sneakers should all have at least ONE pair of sexy pumps that can up the wow factor.  Start with a black pair of pumps because they can go with anything but that doesn’t have to be the only pair that you own!  Now, when it comes to date appropriate heels, don’t scare the poor guy with the uber fashion forward shoes like the stud/spike covered weapons…I mean shoes…that are very trendy at the moment.  Strappy sandals, pumps, stilettos, platforms, all can be gorgeous options as long as for a date they are more leaning towards male friendly and not necessarily fashionista women friendly (guys are often baffled at the fashions that women love, like many men say that they hate wedges yet us girls love them!).  Keep the male gaze in mind for date shoes.

What would you add to this list?  What was the date outfit that made you feel your best?  Guys, what type of outfit drives you crazy to see on a woman?  Do tell!   Have fun and safe dating!

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